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Rod Brylawski Senior Information Technology Account Executive/Re

Somewhere along his accomplished career in executive search and placement, Rod Brylawski discovered that for him, recruiting is much more than a way to make a living it's an expression of himself through the benefit of others. His commitment to creating genuine, lasting, advantageous talent matches is visibly showcased in his long-standing relationships with business clients, information technology professionals, and his recruitment colleagues at Criterion Executive Search.Educated as a symphonic musician early in his career, Rod understands and appreciates the strength and longevity of harmonic collaboration. Through knowledgeable and consultative service, Rod consistently generates an accord of talent that helps his corporate clients achieve their strategic IT objectives and deliver financial results. With notable experience in recruiting information technology leaders, Rod skillfully runs a successful national recruitment practice.Rod places qualified professionals across the IT spectrum, from mid-level technology analysts and systems engineers to senior technical leadership. He adeptly engages his extensive network, while efficiently integrating the tools and resources technology can deliver. An expert in Boolean Search, Rod designed and built an industry-leading training course for his colleagues and continues to share that knowledge.Rod utilizes his experienced insight to see more than what appears before the naked eye. A photography enthusiast, he applies relatable techniques to his practice, developing extensive candidate profiles and demonstrating an unswerving commitment to go beyond the resume. He strives to truly understand candidate skill sets, motivators, and career aspirations. In turn, he studies the corporate objectives, hiring requirements, and team culture of his client partners. In doing so, he envisions and shapes hiring matches between clients and candidates that add genuine business value and create long-term satisfaction and growth.Rod takes sincere pleasure in celebrating the success of others, from clients who achieve technology and fiscal objectives to the thousands of IT professionals who credit him for assisting them in building flourishing careers and better livelihoods. A paramount professional and IT recruitment expert, Rod's focused and tenacious commitment to success delivers remarkable results time and time again.

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